ANVIL File Security

Introducing ANVIL, the firewall for your folders! ANVIL provides ransomware, malware and intrusion detection technology designed to keep files safe.

Ransomware, malware, and other APT’s (advanced persistent threats) are rapidly becoming a widespread issue, with attacks increasing in sophistication and frequency. According to there are 1.5 million new phishing sites created every month. These sites, along with an increase in phishing emails, mean that the threat to personal and professional files has never been more significant.

ANVIL changes the way we look at file security, by not only keeping files safe from modification, but also keeping a watch on systems to ensure any attempts to access your files are detected.

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Drive Bender

Drive Bender is the class leading storage pooling technology for Microsoft Windows. Developed by Division-M, Drive Bender allows for file redundancy via file duplication, and unlike RAID, does not require any proprietary drive format or complicated setup.

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