Development services

Division-M has been engineering software solutions for many years. One of our key strengths is Delphi, and we have been building and deploying applications built with Delphi for over 30 years... some of our earliest commercial products were built using Turbo Pascal, the predecessor to the modern Delphi language we have today. If you would like Division-M to help you with your Delphi development, contact us.


There would be few software engineering companies with the depth of experience in building and deploying products using Delphi that Division-M has. Almost without exception, the projects we have undertaken, whether internal or in conjunction with other stakeholders, have had some Delphi component in the mix.

  • All versions of Delphi
  • RemObjects integration
  • Cloud services support
  • SecureBlackbox/CbFs integration
  • Using web SPA technologies to interface with Delphi backend components (as seen with our ANVIL File Security product)
  • Encryption services
  • Interfacing with third-party libraries
  • Web SPA solutions using serverless backend technologies such as AWS and Google.


We offer a range of development and software architect services.

  • Application development using Delphi
  • Supporting or advancing existing Delphi applications
  • Migration of old Delphi applications to the latest Delphi versions
  • Migration of legacy Delphi projects to Microsoft's Visual Studio

Let us help

Our experience is second to none... if you have a project that you would like to discuss, get in touch and we'll see how we can help!

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Our products

Over the years, Division-M has built and marketed a range of products for the Microsoft Windows platform.


ANVIL File Security

ANVIL provides ransomware, malware and intrusion detection technology designed to keep files safe. Ransomware, malware, and other APT’s (advanced persistent threats) are rapidly becoming a widespread issue, with attacks increasing in sophistication and frequency.  Read more


Drive Bender

Drive Bender is the class leading storage pooling technology for Microsoft Windows. Developed by Division-M, Drive Bender allows for file redundancy via file duplication, and unlike RAID, does not require any proprietary drive format or complicated setup.  Read more

About us

Division-M Pty Ltd is a software engineering company based in Sydney, Australia. Established in the early '90s, Division-M has a long history working with file and network systems, Windows device drivers and other low-level system components. We've tackled many robust technology challenges, and continue to do so.

Our technologies

The software engineering game is all about being flexible, while at the same time being decisive about how you move with the "next biggest thing". As an example, all our backend service code is written in either C, C++ or Delphi... why? Because their performance is unmatched, even though these are decades-old technologies (that said, we do like the way Rust is heading). On the client-side, it is a different matter, and this is where the flexibility comes into play. Here we go with the technology that delivers the best users experience, along with the highest security model. Another great example is ANVIL. It sports a web-based UI/UX that provides a beautiful, always "up to date" user experience... while allowing the backend to authenticate against the cloud (i.e. off the machine), which dramatically improves security.

Our history

Division-M Pty Ltd, formally Microsmith Technology Pty Ltd, was merged as a division of Jacal Consulting Pty Ltd in 2003 (hence the name), and become a stand-alone entity in 2010. Division-M has been responsible for many successful products over the years, including Game Jackal (acquire by SlySoft Inc. in 2007), Drive Bender, Cloud Xtender, and our latest addition to the product family, ANVIL File Security. Proudly, our products have been used by many hundreds of thousands of customers, from all corners of the globe.

Advanced Software Design


Division-M is all about unique software challenges, and we take the art of software engineering to new levels. All our products are built using advanced, state of the art programming tools and technologies.


Division-M has a long history in the field of product development and engineering. From the early '90s (when were then known as Microsmith Technologies) we have developed products for the CAD/CAM industry, embedded devices, PC gaming and file storage and security.


Division-M's extensive experience in software design extends to the science of UX. Over the years, we have created some of the slickest and innovating user interfaces in the business.

What people say about us?

  • Was recommended Drive Bender by a friend, excellent product, excellent support, well done Division-M.

    Steven Van Dorp

    Drive Bender

  • I had a RAID setup that become corrupt, so I move to DB to be able to retain the Windows NTFS format for all my drives, yet still be able to pool my drives.

    Martin Harris

    Drive Bender

  • Had a 28 drive pool running under the competitor’s product, and had performance problems. Was told that Drive Bender had no such limitations, they were 100% correct!

    Frank Elliot

    Drive Bender

  • My pool was switching to fault tolerant mode, with help from Anthony it turned out that one of my drives was going south. First class service and support.

    Peter Kelly

    Drive Bender

  • To put it simply, Drive Bender is a great product.

    Vincent Ash

    Drive Bender

  • Cloud Xtender has allowed me to pull together all my Google and Dropbox accounts into one easy to use Windows drive, excellent stuff.

    Peter Dyson

    Cloud Xtender

  • For years I have managed our Amazon S3 storage using the web interface, now when I need to push files live, I simply drop them into the Cloud Xtender folder and I'm done.

    Ian Kelly

    Cloud Xtender

  • Wow, just created a Cloud Xtender drive that links to 5 Google storage accounts, now I've got 75GB of online storage free, and can expand as needed, excellent idea!

    Howard J

    Cloud Xtender

  • A pretty simple and straight forward way to map a cloud storage service to your machine.

    Tony Anderson

    Cloud Xtender

  • Purchased a 128GB Microsoft Surface, added a Cloud Xtender drive pointing to Azure storage and I now have an unlimited local drive on a device with limited physical storage.

    Horace Williams

    Cloud Xtender

  • This is an excellent app, being able to create a drive letter that connects to multiple cloud drives is a great idea!

    Max Schmidt

    Cloud Xtender